Local Contacts

Role Name Phone Email Address
Ward 6 Alderperson Daniela Velazquez (314) 622-3287 Email
Neighborhood Improvement Specialist/NSO Christian Saller (314) 657-1375 Email
SLMPD District 2 Captain Captain Thomas Zipf (314) 444-0120 Email
SLMPD District 2 – Tower Grove South/Heights Liaison Officer P.O. Nicola Walker (314) 444-0107 Email


Tower Grove Heights  Neighborhood is located within the Second District of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. For emergencies (meaning anything that is happening right now), dial 9-1-1. The non-emergency number is 314-231-1212. Report everything that looks suspicious!

Neighborhood Improvement Specialist & Citizen’s Service Bureau

For common problems you may have with city-provided services, the best course of action is to contact the Citizen’s Services Bureau. They’ll handle issues such as potholes, defective street lights, overflowing dumpsters, graffiti, etc. For more serious problems, such as a problem or nuisance property, contact our Neighborhood Improvement Specialist/NSO who can generally assist you as described here.

Elected Officials

Elected officials who serve our neighborhood can be found by entering your address into St. Louis Address Lookup Site. Make sure the “Contacts and Elected Officials” category is checked.

Block Captains

Have a question about your neighborhood or block? If you need a welcome packet, the latest Gazette (our quarterly neighborhood newsletter) or want to help with a block party, get in touch with your block captain.

Street Cleaning

Streets are scheduled to be cleaned once a month. Times and dates are posted along each street. If you park a vehicle on the street during the scheduled cleaning times, you’ll be subject to receiving a parking ticket.

Trash, Recycling, Yard Waste, and Bulk Pickup

The City of St. Louis Refuse Division provides for all disposal in the city. There are dumpsters in the alleys designated for either trash (landfill), yard waste, or recycling. Please break down boxes before placing them in recycling dumpsters. Paint that has been solidified with kitty litter or sand may be put in trash dumpsters. No flammables should ever be put in to any dumpster.

Bulk items are picked up on the 3rd Monday of the month. By 6 a.m., place up to 3 items, 3 to 4 feet from dumpster.  Bulk items include household items such as furniture, appliances, car batteries, tires, scrap metal or wood, etc. Refrigerator doors must be removed. No container or bundle may weigh over 100 lbs., be over 6 feet long, or over 2 feet in diameter. With a valid driver’s license and utility bill showing a city address, residents are entitled to one free dump per month at 4100 S. 1st Street 63118, Mon-Sat, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (excluding holidays).


Spectrum//AT&T//Dish Network

Electric (including alley but not street lights)



City of St. Louis Water




Metropolitan Sewer District

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Changing Your Voter Registration

The St. Louis Board of Elections handles all voter registrations.


The Carpenter branch of the St. Louis Public Library is located at the southeast corner of the neighborhood at Grand & Utah. If you do not yet have a card, bring a piece of mail or something proving your city residency with you when you go to sign up!

Post Office and Mail Services

Post Office

MetroLink and Bus

Look up and plot your route at www.metrostlouis.org