Nigel Holloway receives Matt-the-Cat Award

June 22, 2021

Block Captain Nigel Holloway received the Matt-the-Cat Award for his recent organization of the Spring Extravaganza Alley Clean-Up Blitz in the alley between 3600-3700 Hartford and Juniata, however, Nigel’s engagement with the neighborhood extends far beyond this single event.  He is also a frequent contributor to the Gazette, our neighborhood’s quarterly newsletter; has organized block parties for his block, 3600-3700 Hartford; volunteered to assist with voter registration at the booth in Ritz Park; created a non-partisan voter education Facebook page; and registered to become a notary in order to help voters notarize their mail-in ballots at no charge. He is an active, engaged and responsive resident who regularly attends TGHNA meetings and events and whose ongoing participation in the Tower Grove Heights neighborhood is recognized and valued. Indeed, a well-deserved honor to a worthy recipient – congratulations, Nigel!